Things to do

Gombitelli's Things to do

Gombitelli's Things to do

Galgani ironworks:
10 minutes drive from Gombitelli, it is worth visiting the Galgani ironworks that operate without electricity and a water-powered hammer. Carlo Galgani is the last of a long line of blacksmiths. At the ironworks you can buy knives, pans, shovels, etc.
Loc. San Giuseppe 55064 Convalle/Piegaio, Lucca. Closed on Saturday afternoons.

Walking trails in the Apuan Park:
Several trails start off in the immediate vicinity of Gombitelli (e.g. Passo Lucese/ Monte Matanna, Monte Prana, Campo all’Orzo, etc.) or from Gombitelli itself (e.g. Gombitelli/ Torcigliano, Migliano, etc.)



Journey time by car

Gombitelli (m.492) Torcigliano (m.385)

Km. 2,1

circa 1,15 h.

Gombitelli (m.492) Migliano (m.359)

Km. 1,8

circa 1,30 h.

trails in mountain bike

Via Francigena


Near Gombitelli passes the Via Francigena. And it's possible to walk a short path (Camaiore/Valpromaro/Lucca Km. 29,1, tempo di percorrenza circa 10h.)